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Good present

Great present delivered in time recipient was happy

Love the scent

I am very pleased with Sandalwood rose soy candle. It burns evenly and as a nice scent to the room.

Smells Like Peace, Love, & Nag Champa

Lovely lavender and sexy sandalwood

I love this one. Lavender is such a gentle scent and sandalwood is realtively strong yet both are coming through so clearly here. A feat of modern scent engineering. I melt this one at night and love the vibe for chill time, definitely one of my faves!

Sweet and light strawberry scent

This is a great strawberry scent, it's sweet but not overly so and doesn't have that heavy smell like a lot of dessert based scents. I've had 2 pieces of the snap bar melting for over 24 hours total now and it still smells great, really impressed with this one!

Sweet and delicious caramel tobacco 🤤

I have tried a lot of tobacco scented candles and wax melts and this is definitely my favorite. It's very unique with that carmelized vanilla note. My husband said this was one of his favorites as well. I will definitely be ordering more of this one, it's used often around here!

Queen Bee Melts
Jessica J
One of my favorites!

I got some of this scent in the snap bars as an extra with my last order and I LOVE them. Great customer service, they always give amazing little extras! I've tried a lot of different lemon verbena scents and most are too sweet but this one is perfect. Lemony and a little herbal, it's great for spring.

Smells amazing

This is one of my favorite scents. Smells just like fresh cut grass and spring time, it's not overpowering at all..just the right amount. I've melted 2 pieces of the snap bars for over 16 hours and it's still got great scent throw and fills the room.

Great candle!

My daughter sent one of your lavender sandalwood candles to me as a gift. I love the subtle fragrance. I can burn it all day in my office without the fragrance being overwhelming. I have 4 daughters, and this candle says, "Sorry you had to raise my siblings. Love, your favorite" So cute and funny! It was sent by the baby of the family, of course LOL

I will be ordering more!

My order shipped the day or day after I placed it (I can’t remember) anyway it was super quick! I love the Lavender Sandalwood scent. I do have to say in my living room/kitchen area I could hardly smell it so I decided to use it in my bedroom and it smelled so so good, the throw was strong and even lasted after I turned my wax warmer off. Maybe the throw of this one is better in small spaces. I will definitely be ordering again and I can’t wait to try different scents!

Best spy candles out there

Lunar Landings has the best smelling best burning safe for people and pets candles out there. Hands down.

Melting for this Wax!

Head over heals for this wax melt! It's sweet in just the right way and smells exactly like smores trapped in little pieces of wax. It last multiple melts and is STRONG! (Not a headache strong) Definitely worth the buy.

Fruity Goodness

This is the BEST wax melts you'll ever use. It smells so amazing, I ended up carrying some of the wax in my purse with me, just to smell it. The wax lasts multiple melts as well and is STRONG! I can't live without it.

Melanin Board party

I created a good bags for 3 of my BFF's, l selected each candle based on their personalities and they actually loved them! I'll definitely place another order in the near future and refer others.


The scents are very pleasant and do not smell chemically at all which is always my concern when buying a new air fragrance. Only 1 or 2 sprays fills the whole room. These small bottles will last a long time

Smell was great, but wick doesn't stay lit for long once the wax starts to melt which is a little disappointing.


These are the best candles I've ever bought!!!! They smell AMAZING..burn soot...and I absolutely LOVE the smart ass labels!!!! I've made about 5 more purchases after my initial one...they would also make great gifts!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Fruit Loops Wax Melts
Precious Stronge

My husband and I absolutely love this scent! When it came in the mail, you could smell the package before I even opened it. My husband has mentioned multiple times how it reminds him of cereal. (This was before he knew that was the scent it was going for)

Best. Candle. Ever.

Seriously, it smells like a fresh bowl of Froot Loops. Anyone I gift candles to gets one as a required introduction to Lunar Landings...

All things from Lunar Landings!!!

Everything I have gotten is wonderful!! The candles and melts!! The names for everything is just the icing on the cake!! Gives me a giggle on a yucky day.

My boyfriend loved this! Haha great gift idea.

Gingerbread Soy Candle
Nicholas Belyung
Damn good candles

Awesome candles!!! Friends and family loved these as gifts.

Nice Bundle

Got this set to give out as stocking stuffers! Everyone loved the names!


Smells great gave it to a co worker for Christmas says she loves it